Skye Cordero

Skye Cordero is a second-year student at PLU majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Publishing and Printing Arts. She writes poems as well as short stories and hopes to get an MFA in writing. Skye is a member of PLU’s Forensics team and likes collecting dolls. 


but there is no sun 
because it's night 
comfortably reclining beach chair 
liberated legs stretched in front of you
in a nondescript bathing suit (or one of your choice) you are not cold 
sunglasses on 
threefold tin-foil reflector rests in loose-fingered hands
On the warm summer night, a softness falls over the desert 
the stars glimmer like sunlight sparking against sea waves  
You realize there is no moon 
now there is an eyeball (or is that what it has always been? You do not recall)
You ignore its gaze and bathe in starlight rays