Saxon Bonneville

Emerging from rural Washington, Saxon Bonneville composes his thoughts on Parkland and Tacoma through poetry. Bonneville first came to prominence as he broadcasted “Alternate Alterations” over Lute Air Student Radio in 2019. Following a beat dream, Bonneville hopes to release Illustrious & Dangerous with contemporary Duke Fitz in 2021.

Sound Off — Parkland’s White Noise

I hear the roads nearby are called
Pac Ave and Park Ave 
and one twenty something down to Yakima?

The three-quarter ton roars over the Toro
and skateboard wheels hum.
I hear the ten-speed switch
And the lonely Garfield bum
who’s drunk too much rum.

Across the street
and up high
I capture these sounds.
What I know 
holds no bounds.
I know Parkland’s city sounds.