Hudson Gilbert

Hudson Gilbert is a Star Wars fan, but the force isn’t always strong with his writing.

An Alphabetical Force

A droid drags itself dumbly through a Battleship 
slipping through the stars to Cruise itself away from 
imperial invaders. Droid gets a ‘gram from General 
and then Evacuates, piping into a pitiful pod Fleeing
the imperials’ tense trouble. Grunting, Droid drops 
down to a desert Hiding a fiery hope, his family’s farm 
is an Ink blot on the otherwise isolated land. Jittery, 
boy of Hope beeps Droid’s buttons Keenly grabbing 
the General’s gram, which Lights like a lamp, a lanky 
man laid out. Moving swift, Droid slides across sand. 
Not long before ole Lankers lines an Ode to boy of 
Hope, telling of toppling imperials. Pleading a scruffy 
smuggler for a spaceship, the Questionable team 
travels to a tyrant traversing Rather ominously in an 
oversized orb. Slowly, Droid drones sour words as the 
team tours the orb, taking General from trouble Until 
Imperial Tyrant imposes with ire. Viciously, Tyrant 
turns ole Lankers to toast While sadly, Droid and 
friends slip out with X-Ray scans that might save stars 
from shutdown. Yelling with woe, boy of Hope 
whines, for ole Lankers Zeroes fill Droid’s screen, 
filling boy of Hope.