Hannah Park

Hannah is a Korean American Queer writer; she writes to delve into emotions in order to heal. She is an alumnus from PLU and she studied English Literature and Studio Arts. She is now studying to be an Educator in English and Visual Arts. Follow her on social media: @hpark318

The first summer day —

Compare thee to a summer’s first entrance,
colors of heartache bled through the sky’s sun.
The rough rounded scarlet star burns the buds.
Summer’s lease opens the polluted dates.
The eye of heaven only sparks with shame
when comparing summer’s first day to thee.
Sweetness could only decline bitterness.
Summer’s strokes create sky’s beautiful waves.
Courting summer with sky, suffocated
by burned sparks of the fires. Summer yields
thee as birth brags while in the shade of death.
In eternal strokes of blood and of tears:
               ash breathes to summer so that eyes may see
               the tears stream through the sky to release thee.