Saxifrage Issue 46

Note From the Editors

We would like to thank…

The Pacific Lutheran University English Department and Communication Department for their continued investment in the publication of student writing and visual art.

Everyone who joined us at our reading party and provided their valuable input on submissions.

Wendy Call, our advisor, for her support, encouragement, and proofreading.

The English faculty, for their help in proofreading submissions.

Misty Berlin and Tommy Skaggs, for their help and guidance with transitioning Saxifrage to an online medium.

Our fearless submitters, whose work we had the pleasure of reviewing and editing.

Saxifrage Issue 46, the first online-only edition of the journal, was edited by the 2019-2020 editorial team:

Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a sophomore studying English with an emphasis in creative writing. Her notebooks tend to be overflowing more with ideas for stories and doodles instead of actual notes. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading or riding her horse along the river walk.

Kiyomi Kishaba

Kiyomi Kishaba is a junior with a double major in English and Communication, and a minor in Hispanic Studies. She also edits for the Mast newspaper and writes for the athletics department. When she’s not writing and editing, she’s probably swimming, dancing, or eating chocolate.

Krista Osborne

Krista Osborne is a senior at PLU with a double major in English Literature and German and a minor in Children’s Literature. Knitting and reading are her two favorite ways to relax. In her free time you can nearly always find her coming up with something new to knit. Someday, after she graduates, she hopes to become a librarian.

Natalia Giovengo

Natalia Giovengo is an English major with an emphasis in Fiction. When she has writer’s block, she instead walks dogs, plays videogames, or finds pizza to eat. When she doesn’t have writer’s block… No, she always has writer’s block, but she has become good at pushing through it.

Summer Ash

Summer Ash is a graduating senior with a major in English and a minor in Communication.  She is a co-editor of Saxifrage and captain of the debate team.  Next fall, she will be attending Colorado State University’s MFA in Creative Writing Program with an Emphasis in Fiction Writing. Her hobbies include writing, reading, tweeting, playing with her cat, and amateur mycology.