Savannah Pratt

Savannah Pratt is a senior majoring in Hispanic Studies and minoring in Writing. She finally listens to the words of her 3rd grade teacher, who swore she should become a writer. After graduation, she will pursue a Masters in Education with a Bilingual endorsement and publish as a part-time writer.

Abecedarian Regarding a Relationship’s Pros & Cons  

And once he said those words I  
began to list the pros and  
cons in my head. Pro: He  
doesn’t yell. Con: He doesn’t  
enjoy cheesecake or sushi. Pro: He  
figured out how to make origami shirts and  
give them to me when he visits. Con:  
He doesn’t like to write. Pro: I know  
I like to sing, and he does too. Con: I don’t appreciate  
jazz music. Pro: He reminds me to eat in the morning; he’s  
kind. Con: I am jealous of how many of his friends are girls. Pro: He  likes to be active. He's backpacked in the  
mountains before, I think. Pro: I have known him for  
nine months. Con: I have only known him for nine months. Con: Only sometimes can I read his handwriting. Con: He is passive.  
Pro: I am assertive. Con: He is logical, and I am emotional. Con: He’s quick to defend himself. Con: He is quiet, I am loud. Pro/Con: He  really said within the first month of us dating that I am the one. Pro: On my first shift at the new restaurant job, he came to surprise me at the  
time I said I’d be off, but I had to stay overtime, and he waited outside for hours until I finally clocked off, to find him there, still waiting for me. Con: He didn’t watch very much tv growing up. Pro: I get to show him the tv shows I like. Pro: Whenever we play tic-tac-toe, he always lets me play  
Xs and go first, even though he knows he will lose. Pro: He said “I love  
you” first. Con: He’s never been to
Zion National Park. Pro: I’ll get to take him someday.