2020 Prose Contributors

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Darryin Cunningham

Darryin Cunningham has been writing scripts, fiction stories, and poetry, and more recently non-fiction. He loves lyricism, words, and painting images with them. He is currently working on his first full-length play, “House of Bensons.” He strives to create art that people can feel and converse about. Art that reflects reality in the deepest, and sometimes unimaginable ways. He hopes that people find his work enjoyable, whether you agree with his words or not, he hopes you will talk about it, and share it with others.

Allyson Lessard

Allyson P. Lessard is from Puyallup, Washington. She is a Junior at Pacific Lutheran University earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. Currently, she is a reporter for The Mast, PLU’s student-run newspaper. Additionally, she volunteers with the Sunrise Movement, an American youth-led organization fighting to stop climate change.

Brennan LaBrie

Brennan LaBrie is a senior Global Studies Major with an emphasis in International Affairs, along with minors in French, Environmental Studies, and Communication. He is the News Editor at The Mast and Video Lead for PLU MediaLab. When not writing, he can be found running or playing his violin.

Joy Edwards

Joy Edwards is a senior double-majoring in Religion and Creative Writing (Poetry Capstone), with a minor in Publishing and Printing Arts. Joy is rather melancholy in nature, and may have been ironically named.

Caitlin Klütz

Caitlin Klütz is a 4th-year student at PLU, majoring in English with a writing emphasis, and minoring in Publishing and Printing arts. She loves reading and writing fantasy-realism, creative nonfiction, and fiction. She likes creating and crafting, in her spare time. She currently lives in Fredrickson with her cat, Mystique.