2021 Spring Prose Contributors

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Daniel Benson

Does this man have a life? Who knows! Between majoring in Biology and English, studying piano, writing god-awful poetry, and being the resident force of chaos on Hinderlie’s second floor, Daniel Bensen sure knows how to straddle the line between personal vocation and existential crisis on a daily basis.

Marit Gjelde-Bennett

Marit Gjelde-Bennett is a current second-year student studying Biology and Religion. When she isn’t studying she can be found exceeding word counts on essays and cursing God for making chemistry a thing. She plans to keep collecting blank journals while putting all her writing ideas on random pieces of trash. Most of her writing contains dark themes and dogs; she isn’t sure why.

Caitlin Klütz

Caitlin Klütz, a senior majoring in English Writing and minor in Publishing and Printing Arts, loves creating things with her hands. She loves a good history docuseries to dive into. She is a reporter for The Mast and loves writing creative fiction and nonfiction. She hopes you find comfort in her writings.

Jenna Muller

Jenna Muller is a senior majoring in English Writing and minoring in French, Business, and Criminal Justice. When she’s not writing, she enjoys collecting books, antiques, and houseplants. Her favorite subject to photograph is her exceptionally wiggly, sun-loving chocolate lab, Kona.

Savannah Pratt

Savannah Pratt is a senior majoring in Hispanic Studies and minoring in Writing. She finally listens to the words of her 3rd-grade teacher, who swore she should become a writer. After graduation, she will pursue a Masters’s in Education with a Bilingual endorsement and publish as a part-time writer.