2020 Poetry Contributors

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Darryin Cunningham

Darryin Cunningham writes scripts, fiction stories, poetry, and more recently non-fiction. He loves lyricism, words and painting images with them. He is currently working on his first full length play, House of Bensons. He strives to create art that people can feel and converse about – art that reflects reality in the deepest, and sometimes unimaginable ways. He hopes that people find his work enjoyable, and whether you agree with his words or not, he hopes you will talk about it and share it with others. 

Daylyn Carrigan

Daylyn Carrigan is a third-year English Writing and Communications double major at Pacific Lutheran University. She is thankful to be sharing her poetry for the second time through Saxifrage, and hopes to continue to display her work here in the future.

Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Elliott is a storyteller. Writing is the one time she knows she can hear herself within the chaos of the world. These poems reflect on the disruption and reality of COVID-19. As a queer woman of color, she hopes these poems connect with others.

Emelie Pennington-Davis

Emelie Pennington-Davis is a junior English and Psychology major from the tiny town of White Salmon, Washington. In their free time, they love to re-watch the Lord of the Rings, dance badly to Queen, and explain gender as a social construct to local squirrels and crows. 

Fiona Ashton-Knochel

Fiona is a first-year Environmental Studies major who enjoys nature and animals, but she always asks her girlfriend to get rid of any bugs that might have crawled in the window. She likes dogs more than people, makes plenty of puns, and tracks down secret bunkers.

Joy Edwards

Joy Edwards is a senior double-majoring in Religion and Creative Writing (Poetry Capstone), with a minor in Publishing and Printing Arts. Joy is rather melancholy in nature, and may have been ironically named. 

Kiyomi Kishaba

This is Kiyomi’s third and final year editing for Saxifrage. She is a current senior studying English Writing and Communications with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Kiyomi also works for PLU Student Media and the Writing Center, and is a member of the PLU swim team. In her free time she enjoys hiking, swing dancing, and eating chocolate.

Nathan Lovitt

Nathan Lovitt is a second year student from Tacoma majoring in English and Theater. His passion for art motivates him to act on stage, build sets for Tacoma Little Theatre, start a band with his friends, and now write poetry.

Saxon Bonneville

Emerging from rural Washington, Saxon Bonneville composes his thoughts on Parkland and Tacoma through poetry. Bonneville first came to prominence as he broadcasted “Alternate Alterations” over Lute Air Student Radio in 2019. Following a beat dream, Bonneville hopes to release Illustrious & Dangerous with contemporary Duke Fitz in 2021.