2021 Spring Poetry Contributors

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Amanda Ades

Amanda Ades is a junior Music major with a minor in English Writing, hailing from Kent, Washington. She is usually found composing music, weaving lyrics, and doodling in every margin her pen comes into contact with.

Elena Bauer

Elena Bauer is a senior currently concluding college from the attic of her parents’ house in Bellingham, WA. She is majoring in English Writing and German Language and Literature. Mostly she enjoys puns, alliteration, and mountain bike riding. She would also like to share that the Germans have invented new words for the pandemic, including Impfneid (envy of people getting the vaccine) and overzoomed

Daniel Benson

Does this man have a life? Who knows! Between majoring in Biology and English, studying piano, writing god-awful poetry, and being the resident force of chaos on Hinderlie’s second floor, Daniel Benson sure knows how to straddle the line between personal vocation and existential crisis on a daily basis.

Daylyn Carrigan

Daylyn Carrigan is a junior from Puyallup, WA, studying English Writing and Communications. She is a poet, photographer, and songwriter, who finds that inspiration strikes most often at three a.m. so she keeps a pen and journal by her bedside, hoping to catch the words before they slip away.

Skye Cordero

Skye Cordero is a second-year student at PLU majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Publishing and Printing Arts. She writes poems as well as short stories and hopes to get an MFA in writing. Skye is a member of PLU’s Forensics team and likes collecting dolls. 

Joy Edwards

Joy Edwards is a senior double-majoring in Religion and English. Joy is a beginner at several fiber arts, including knitting, embroidery, and crochet. “Knitting” is a selection from Joy’s poetry capstone, “Refrigerator Hymns.”

Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Elliott is a storyteller. Writing is the one time she knows she can hear herself within the chaos of the world. These poems reflect on the disruption and reality of COVID-19. As a queer woman of color, she hopes these poems connect with others.

Micah Fender

Micah Fender is a junior studying English with a writing emphasis with a double minor in theatre and gender, sexuality, and race studies. In their little free time, they enjoy going out into nature, watching the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order, and playing both board and video games. Micah uses their love of nature and nerdy energy to create poems and essays that embody both their past and hopes for the future.

Anamaria Guerzon

Anamaria Guerzon is a senior Theatre major and Communications minor from Maple Valley, WA. Besides poetry, she is also a playwright, and had her play Skin, about tattoos, identity, and race, workshopped at Tacoma Little Theatre last winter.

Haley Johns

Haley Johns is a second-year Business and German student who spends her time in the company of various darkness-dwelling creatures. Through the lens of her literary muse, Oswin, she writes to present those in the shadows as ones who can (and will) become understood.

Jack B. Johnson

Jack Blair Johnson is a third-year Sociology major. When they are not working on school, Jack enjoys spending time with their cat, Luna, painting with watercolors, and going for runs. They hope that their work speaks to people, especially to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Kiyomi Kishaba

This is Kiyomi Kishaba’s third and final year editing for Saxifrage. She is graduating in May with degrees in English Writing and Communications and a minor in Hispanic Studies. Her poems in Saxifrage are part of her poetry capstone, “We Are All Ancestry.” In her free time she enjoys hiking, swing dancing, and eating chocolate.

Nathan Lovitt

Nathan Lovitt is a junior at PLU majoring in English Writing. He has a passion for all things creative, whether it be on the page or on the stage, and hopes to become a published poet in the future.

Emelie Pennington-Davis

Emelie Pennington-Davis is a junior with an English and Psychology double major. He loves all things strange and creative; when she’s not embroidering, playing DnD or writing rambling queer poetry, they’re off wandering the woods looking for moss and mushrooms.     

Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a junior English major with a focus in Creative Writing. When she’s not staring blankly at a page waiting for inspiration to strike, she’s horseback riding or drawing in any notepad she happens to find.

Savannah Pratt

Savannah Pratt is a senior majoring in Hispanic Studies and minoring in Writing. She finally listens to the words of her 3rd grade teacher, who swore she should become a writer. After graduation, she will pursue a Masters in Education with a Bilingual endorsement and publish as a part-time writer.

Emmanuel Sanchez

Emmanuel Sanchez Angel Guzman is a senior at PLU majoring in English writing with minors in Literature and Publishing and Printing Arts. His writing comes from a place of wonder, and is inspired by music and emotion in equal parts. He hopes you always keep a curious heart.