Nathan Lovitt

Nathan Lovitt is a second year student from Tacoma majoring in English and Theater. His passion for art motivates him to act on stage, build sets for Tacoma Little Theatre, start a band with his friends, and now write poetry.

Memory Foam

I lay in my own bed, 
the same I’d had since high school.

It had seen so much – the growing pains
of a rebellious child, trapped
between the insurmountable walls
of stern parents;
the never-ending tears left by naïve heartbreak;
the dirty, salt-caked uniforms left by long nights
working for little pay; 
the lascivious days and nights spent running in desperation from the past.

And now it has seen me soak you in.
Commit every detail of your face to memory.
Listen to every word with an enraptured gaze.
Hold you like you’re the last source of warmth
for a dying vine.

There I laid and there I fell in love.
There I opened my heart.
There I learned to trust.

So many years gone by, so many with their challenges and joys.

But they all paled in comparison
to the joy I felt
when I saw you smile.

Timid Start

And there we were, you and I,
with new life in our arms.

There was fear in your eyes,
the pain and worry of past loss
etched in your expression.
This small thing,
so infantile
and vulnerable,
something you wanted,
but taught yourself not to accept.

I held this new little beginning
close and firm.
It was my secret, at first.
I couldn’t deny them, 
and as time went on
I couldn’t hide them.

They were – and are – so innocent.
So new and beautiful.
When they took their first breath,
we too could take ours.

We named them Love.