Micah Fender

Micah Fender is a junior studying English with a writing emphasis with a double minor in theatre and gender, sexuality, and race studies. In their little free time, they enjoy going out into nature, watching the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order, and playing both board and video games. Micah uses their love of nature and nerdy energy to create poems and essays that embody both their past and hopes for the future.


Noises of the airport cascade over my head:
                         voices and wheels, zippers and footsteps,
              each a drop pattering the drum, rain beating upon leaves.

              Anticipation roiling in my gut,
                       Juvenescent excitement bursting at my seams
                                                I clutch my father’s leg, an oak in a storm.

                       Red hair swaying, a tired smile lighting her eyes,
                                   my mother dances around the corner,
              a small, round figure following in her footsteps,
                           not yet in step with her rhythm.

             Gripping my throat, breath strangles any thought of looking away;
                         small fists clench in excitement, fear,
                                    as the unknown cloud looms, 
                         rearing its dark head.

                         My parents reach for one another,
             fading into the background,
they become one with the forest of people.
              The world slows, voices fade,
     a hush before the storm, the smell of rain, petrichor for the soul.

              I cannot bear to move my eyes from the girl
                       hiding behind my mother’s willowy figure, 
                                   a sapling whose branches echo my own;
                                   shaking in the wind of anticipation.
                       I know that the world has changed.
              I am not alone and I can no longer care only for myself.

              I step from the shelter of my father’s branches
springing into a game of tag, 
                          chasing my new life, as I chase my new sister
     churning the air into a maelstrom of possibilities, echoes of the future: 
                                      love, pain, heartbreak, and forgiveness.