Meet the Editors!

Saxifrage Fall Issue 47 was edited by the Fall 2020 editorial team:

Kiyomi Kishaba

This is Kiyomi’s third and final year editing for Saxifrage. She is a current senior studying English Writing and Communications with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Kiyomi also works in PLU student media and the Writing Center, and is a member of the PLU swim team. In her free time she enjoys hiking, swing dancing, and eating chocolate.

Claire Buoni

Claire is a sophomore from West Chester, PA, studying Communications and Studio Art. She is a MediaLab and IHON student and loves all things writing and art. Though currently at home in PA, Claire hopes to return to the Pacific Northwest and make it her permanent home one day. She misses PLU and has enjoyed the opportunity Saxifrage has given her to connect with other Lutes and interact with all their creative talent.

Abbie Shikes

Abbie is a sophomore and after this semester will be heading to Italy to continue her education there. She has been writing since she knew how to put letters and words together and hopes to make it a career at some point. She is studying English and minoring in History. Other than writing, she enjoys cooking, hanging out in nature, and learning about the world.

Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a Junior English major at Pacific Lutheran University, when she’s not muddling through writer’s block or scribbling incomprehensible notes to herself she enjoys horseback riding, drawing, and spending time with her St. Bernard Tobi.

Casey Brown

Casey is a junior English writing major. This is her first year editing for Saxifrage as the poetry co-editor. Her hobbies include reading YA/Contemporary novels and playing video games.