Meet the Editors!

Saxifrage Spring Issue 47 was edited by the Spring 2021 editorial team:

Casey Brown

Casey is a junior English writing major. This is her first year editing for Saxifrage as the poetry co-editor. Her hobbies include reading YA/Contemporary novels and playing video games.

Lisa Ha

Lisa Ha is an aspiring creator and storyteller, whether it is knitting grief into poetry, designing personal growth journeys in games or painting hope as monolid eyes and flat noses. She dreams of drawings she later makes and ultimately hopes to help construct a more equitable future through inclusive design.

Kiyomi Kishaba

This is Kiyomi Kishaba’s third and final year editing for Saxifrage. She is graduating in May with degrees in English Writing and Communications and a minor in Hispanic Studies. Her poems in Saxifrage are part of her poetry capstone, We Are All Ancestry. In her free time she enjoys hiking, swing dancing, and eating chocolate.

Allyson Lessard

Allyson Lessard is a third year Writing and Philosophy double major. As an aspiring author, she spends most of her time outside of the classroom writing and reading. When not writing, she can be found hiking or playing Ultimate Frisbee with her teammates.

Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a junior English major with a focus in Creative Writing. When she’s not staring blankly at a page waiting for inspiration to strike, she’s horseback riding or drawing in any notepad she happens to find.