Joy Edwards

Joy Edwards is a senior double-majoring in Religion and English. Joy is a beginner at several fiber arts, including knitting, embroidery, and crochet. Knitting is a selection from Joy’s poetry capstone, Refrigerator Hymns.


acrylic and      neon pink      the universe will      open the truth
is a myth      is to be spun      and therefore      consists of yarn 

and the      ancient named earth      is a soft      gushing wound
up skein      of arteries      skein meaning  knot 

i am tangling      i can loop      maybe      twelve times 
if i work quickly      enough winding      my knitting  itches 

to tell      how near      the end      by how tight the stitches 
clench my needles      how fiber      was willing      is rot 

how rot seethes      how its      god abandoned beloved      rhymes 
in favor      of that word      count how      to purl in the round 

torn      bleeding warmth      swallowing as it         is put on 
the pink      mindless      thing opens      its mouth.