Haley Johns

Haley Johns is a second-year Business and German student who spends her time in the company of various darkness-dwelling creatures. Through the lens of her literary muse, Oswin, she writes to present those in the shadows as ones who can (and will) become understood.

Vampiric Feigns

It is true – your accusation
that they are, in many ways, a vampire.
That truth is housed in their drained visage,
and the secret hidden behind their smile,
and of course within the blood on their sleeve,
but most notably it can be seen within the fact that, 
in order to meet with them, 
they must be extended an invitation built with only the utmost of genuine intentions
– or you will not be able to break the routines of their lament.
if you were to invite them in,
– and you kept your wits about you –
you might just notice the cracks in your guest,
and you will realise that before you is no vampire,
for their suffering is void of any elegance at all.