2021 Spring Fiction Contributors

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Amanda Ades

Amanda Ades is a junior Music major with a minor in English Writing, hailing from Kent, Washington. She is usually found composing music, weaving lyrics, and doodling in every margin her pen comes into contact with.

John Evanishyn

John Evanishyn is a senior with an Environmental Studies and Writing double major. Elements of personal interests sprout up throughout his work—vegetable and flower gardening, classical guitar, urban foraging, cider pressing. Currently, he is invested in the use of fiction as a tool for addressing environmental issues and contemplating our relationship with land.

Emelie Pennington-Davis

Emelie Pennington-Davis is a junior with an English and Psychology double major. He loves all things strange and creative; when she’s not embroidering, playing DnD or writing rambling queer poetry, they’re off wandering the woods looking for moss and mushrooms.      

Sage Warner

Sage Warner is a freshman at PLU, majoring in History. She loves looking at unique perspectives on history. Her favorite flowers are daffodils and her favorite fruits are raspberries. She loves art and reading, and her favorite movement is the Romantic era. Sage struggles with long-windedness and often exceeds word limits.