Emily Powell

Emily Powell is a junior English major with a focus in Creative Writing. When she’s not staring blankly at a page waiting for inspiration to strike, she’s horseback riding or drawing in any notepad she happens to find.

Your Love

I know your love my dear.
How it swells, crashes, and breaks
A wave upon the shore, brushing gently across my skin. 
Sea spray and salt and the smell of home
And the tide pulling me in.
I know your love my dear.
How it pulls at my limbs,
Closer, ever closer—
As you wash away the grit on my skin 
And pull me out to sea.
I try to reach for you my dear, 
Sand between my fingertips, 
Between my teeth,
Choking me, 
As another wave goes by
I know your love my dear,
How it swells, crashes and breaks.
I know your love my dear, 
And I try.