Daniel Benson

Does this man have a life? Who knows! Between majoring in Biology and English, studying piano, writing god-awful poetry, and being the resident force of chaos on Hinderlie’s second floor, Daniel Benson sure knows how to straddle the line between personal vocation and existential crisis on a daily basis.


Where are you going, 
Banging your head
Against the wall like that

I know, you see
Las luces rojas, but
Can't you see the
Tree with its sweet,
Dewy cherry blossoms?

Oh, mijo
I ache for you
I wish I could wrap you
In blankets--my warm fingers--
Carry you away from your
Burden to see
White-rose buds

Oh, how I wish,
Believe you’d be happier

I am scared to hurt you
 Crush you, mijo
If I dared even to touch your
 Cuerpo, poquito
Ruffle tu vida, poquita
And oil up those humming wings
Your need for flight

I can only stand here
At my distance, and hope
You realize
Hummingbirds can't break
glass window panes