Darryin Cunningham

Darryin Cunningham writes scripts, fiction stories, poetry, and more recently non-fiction. He loves lyricism, words and painting images with them. He is currently working on his first full length play, House of Bensons. He strives to create art that people can feel and converse about – art that reflects reality in the deepest, and sometimes unimaginable ways. He hopes that people find his work enjoyable, and whether you agree with his words or not, he hopes you will talk about it and share it with others. 

Could You Imagine?

Imagine a dragon with wings stretched, glittery with gold and ice blue crystals. 
Or the jet black smoke that emits from a missile. 
Or a smile that extends farther than the Mississippi. 
Or a modern age, bad ass, feminist hippie. 
Or a strong willed, self made being, filled with power. 
Or the world, streamed to the conscious, ready to devour. 
Or that ink, that bleeds onto the page, to craft an image. 
The mind is a fascination, and the artistry is endless. 
The mind of God? 
Or a wide eyed woman, with the Earth in her hands. 
It dances. 
Cause you don’t get many chances. 
It’s slippery even. 
You can lose touch with it, but you never completely lose it. 
You never put it away, but you never completely choose it. 
Cause you don’t get many chances. 
Or that darkness that tells you to shield yourself from the light. 
A true knight guards the soul from the night. 
One day, a true knight will guard your soul with their life. 
One day, a true night will leave your soul, full of life. 
So wrapped up in that presence, your soul, the gift of life. 
Your soul is the gift of life. 
Or that inner girl, who somehow twirls,
On a single toe... 
the art of life. 
There is beauty in the mess. 
On the left is stress. 
The right, anxiety. 
The shoulders are for the bullshit. 
Teetering on the top, is the rest. 
Yet the toe never wavers. 
The woman has built in layers. 
The eyes of God, sadly. 
Art has made that inner girl, a woman. 
The woman isn’t afraid of the night. 
She embraces the knight. 
But manifestation, changes the knight, into a dragon.
Could you imagine? 
A dragon, 
whose scales shine like the surface of the sun. 
With lungs, 
that breed fire and ice. Whichever she feels is right. 
Or, imagine a dragon whose wings cut through the sky, like a vibrant voice she owns. 
Unafraid to let her unique tones 
color outside the lines. 
Her imagery is bound to no restrictions. 
But she’s bound to know restrictions. 
The work of God, perhaps. 
Imagine a dragon ready to strike, to protect or even hide.
Try to imagine, the dragon,