2021 Spring Art Contributors

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Amanda Ades

Amanda Ades is a junior Music major with a minor in English Writing, hailing from Kent, Washington. She is usually found composing music, weaving lyrics, and doodling in every margin her pen comes into contact with.

Bua Berg

Bua Berg is a senior majoring in Fine Arts. Painting is her focus. She likes to explore other genres in fine arts as well such as ceramics, photography, printmaking, and mosaic etc. She likes to combine Eastern and Western art and cultures together.

Daylyn Carrigan

Daylyn Carrigan is a junior from Puyallup, WA, studying English Writing and Communications. She is a poet, photographer, and songwriter, who finds that inspiration strikes most often at three a.m. so she keeps a pen and journal by her bedside, hoping to catch the words before they slip away.

John Evanishyn

John Evanishyn is a senior with an Environmental Studies and Writing double major. Elements of personal interests sprout up throughout his work—vegetable and flower gardening, classical guitar, urban foraging, cider pressing. Currently, he is invested in the use of fiction as a tool for addressing environmental issues and contemplating our relationship with land.

Lisa Ha

Lisa Ha is an aspiring creator and storyteller, whether it is knitting grief into poetry, designing personal growth journeys in games or painting hope as monolid eyes and flat noses. She dreams of drawings she later makes and ultimately hopes to help construct a more equitable future through inclusive design.

Sophia Jenkinson

Sophia Jenkinson is a senior at PLU studying Art History and Mathematics. She primarily paints with oils, and her work is inspired by the features of people around her. Her favorite periods in art history are the Pre-Raphaelite movement and the Symbolist movement. 

Jenna Muller

Jenna Muller is a senior majoring in English Writing and minoring in French, Business, and Criminal Justice. When she’s not writing, she enjoys collecting books, antiques, and houseplants. Her favorite subject to photograph is her exceptionally wiggly, sun-loving chocolate lab, Kona.

Daniel Navarrete-Rivera

Daniel Navarrete-Rivera

Noel Sigafoos

Noel Sigafoos is in a never-ending battle with the distractions and stray thoughts that keep them from their responsibilities. You could call them a dreamer. With their head in the clouds and quiet focus on soft flowers, they hope their escapism fills others with warmth and calm.